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Dr. E. Kovarthini – A Highly Reliable Cosmetic Surgeon in Coimbatore

Dr. E.Kovarthini is an experienced and board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon operating in Coimbatore. She has this unique interest of implementing science to the sculpture of beauty and holds dexterity in performing aesthetic surgery with flying colors. Her artistic surgical skills in combination with her commitment to ensure personalized and excellent care altogether make her one of the leading cosmetic surgeons in India. With a mission to simplify plastic and cosmetic surgery, Dr. E. Kovarthini, M.S, M.Ch, has helped countless patients to have a satisfying and pleasant experience during their treatment. She considers plastic and cosmetic surgery to be an extensively dynamic and the most sought after practice in the medical field. Living up to her high standards, she works honestly towards ensuring a more confident and beautiful you than ever. Throughout her career she has been at the helm of countless successful cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Her surgical excellence, coupled with her concern for the patient’s well being make the patients feel at ease and motivate them to return to her for the later cosmetic procedures. Among her specialties include Abdominoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Genital Rejuvenation, Liposuction, Breast Enhancement, Facelift Surgery, Hair Transplantation and more.

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Coming to the cost of cosmetic surgery it is likely to differ depending on a range of aspects. Much relies on the cosmetic surgeon you chose, the hospital or clinic you select for the treatment, medical attention given to you, medication administered, equipment used during the treatment and more. Overall, it may cost you a little bit expensive but it will be cheaper as compared to the cosmetic surgery treatments in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, it would be even better to focus on getting quality treatment instead of worrying about the cost. The confidence and the positive mindset you get with a transformed body is simply unparalleled. A considerate cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. E.Kovarthini can help you attain the same.

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Founded by Dr. E.Kovarthini, Ko Cosmetic Surgery Centre is the best to provide a comprehensive range of surgical procedures in Coimbatore. We work dedicatedly with the commitment toward enhancing the natural beauty of the patients through cosmetic and plastic surgery. Throughout the treatment, we care to maintain exceptional safety standards with due attention to patient’s care and privacy.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Coimbatore - Ko Cosmetic Surgery Centre

  • Ko Cosmetic Surgery Centre, the brainchild of Dr. E. Kovarthini, is one of the finest clinics to undergo cosmetic surgery.
  • It is gaining popularity at a rapid pace owing to the clinic’s concern and care for the patients.
  • You can undergo any of the multiple cosmetic surgery treatments we provide including Aesthetic breast surgery, Liposuction, Fat Grafting, Facial Aesthetic Surgery, and so on.
  • We also specialize in providing non-surgical aesthetic procedures.
  • Our experts make sure to follow the strict international standards while performing the surgery.
  • You can always trust us for satisfying results out of your cosmetic or plastic surgery


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