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Dr. Sunil Kalda - The Cosmetic Surgeon in Raipur You Can Trust Upon

Dr. Sunil Kalda is an extremely qualified and experienced plastic & cosmetic surgeon. He is the in-charge of the Kalda Cosmetic surgery & Burn Centre in Raipur, a state-of-the-art hospital meant to provide satisfying treatment to the needful patients. His qualifications include M.B.B.S., M.S., M.Ch. and D.N.B. Dr. Kalda specializes in performing a range of surgeries including brachial plexus, laser surgery, micro-vascular surgery, cancer reconstructive surgery, re-implant and much more. The director of Project “Smile Train”, he has so far organized above 500 free camps, thus justifying his noble profession to exceptional standards. He has also conducted workshops in a range of sub-specialties like orthopedics, dermatology, ENT, gynecology and so on. Besides, Dr. Sunil Kalda holds a nation wide repute for his contribution to the craniomaxillofacial surgery domain. His expertise subsumes several head & congenital defects including clefts & temporomandibular joint disorders, head & neck pathologies, pan facial trauma, etc.


The cost of cosmetic surgery in Raipur will depend very much on the type of surgery you want to undergo. It could be to improve your aesthetic appearance or to avert the scars on your body caused due to some accident or a disease. In either case, the cost will differ as per the treatment provided. The selection of cosmetic surgeon, the hospital where the surgeon performs the treatment, medication charges, additional facilities during the treatment, all have their say in the cost of the treatment. However, a wise suggestion would be to focus on the treatment and not on the cost. If you are after enhancing your appearance, you ought to pay the cost for the same. In the wake of getting cheaper treatment from a lesser-known clinical setup, you may only ruin your skin. Hence, your ultimate priority must be to get the cosmetic surgery treatment from a reputed clinic and under the supervision of a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

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Kalda Burn & Plastic Surgery Center excels in providing Preoperative visual treatment with the help of its experienced cosmetic surgery team. We care to provide the right treatment from the most qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Indeed, budget is a big concern for any treatment and the same holds with cosmetic and plastic surgery. Hence, just to help you out, we also provide free treatment and other services to patients having “Smart Card”

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Cosmetic Surgery in Raipur – Kalda Cosmetic Surgery & Burn Centre

  • Located in Raipur, Cosmetic surgery & Burn Centre is one of the most reliable centers for cosmetic surgery
  • The hospital provides top class treatment facilities under the leadership of Dr. Kalda
  • The hospital provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and laser treatments
  • The experts in the hospital make sure to abide by the requisite standards while performing the cosmetic surgery treatments
  • Located in Raipur, this hospital can enhance your visual appearance appreciably.
  • It is beyond doubt, one of India’s finest centers to opt for cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments.


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