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Dr. Akshay Kumar Rout is the most popular cosmetic surgeon in Odisha and especially in Bhubaneswar with almost 20 years of experience. He has vast experience in fields of cosmetic surgery procedures as well as reconstructive surgeries, starting from hair transplant, breast reshaping to hymenoplasty. However, he is proficient in a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and liposuction. He is equally good at laser surgery, including cosmetic laser procedures and also a master in extensive body contouring surgeries.

The main aim of his life is to improve the physical appearance with cosmetic surgery treatments, thereby boosting the self-confidence of patients. His clinic, which is situated at the heart of the city, offers various beauty treatment options like black spot removal, unwanted hair removal, chemical peels, dermabrasion and acne treatment, tattoo removal and many more. Dr. Rout is the first Western-trained cosmetic surgeon in Odisha who has dedicated his work to people through his cosmetic surgery clinic in Bhubaneshwar. It is fully equipped with state of the art laser machine and other surgical equipment. It’s an accredited institute with good reputation in Odisha as well as the neighboring states. This clinic has patients coming in from all over the world including the Middle-East , USA, UK and Singapore.

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Everyone is not born with an unblemished spotless face or any proportionately designed body many people have desire to look good and lots of expectations out of role of ideal cosmetic surgeon is to ease out miseries and give back smile on their face. Some want to improve their appearance by altering a few features and some would go for reconstructive surgeries to restore their looks after any injury or cancer ablation.Therefore, cost of almost second concern for patients before subjecting to go under knife, the cost of the surgery is not a fixed amount for all varies from procedure to procedure.. To give you a fair idea, the standard cosmetic surgery will cost you at least 85,000 INR. The exact cost for the cosmetic procedure will be known once cosmetic surgeons examine you and propose and plan the particular procedures for a particular correction u intended. U may be planning for a bigger procedure for a correction and ultimately end up with a small procedure will cost less and vice always try to schedule a consultation with our experts cosmetic surgeon Dr Akshay Kumar Rout at this clinic in Bhubaneswar and get a good estimate of the treatment you wish you opt for.

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Is age or environmental factors taking a toll on your appearance? Well, you can restore it and go back to your youthful looks with a few specific cosmetic procedures aimed to enhance ‘you’!

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  • The Clinic is one of the sought-after cosmetic surgery clinics not only in Odisha but also in adjoining states
  • The clinic adheres to the strict code of ethics and safety standards to prioritize the safety of the patients above anything else.
  • Dr. Akshay Kumar Rout, the plastic and cosmetic surgeon of the clinic, is trained and experienced to perform all types of cosmetic procedures and offer the highest results.
  • This clinic is present right on Forest Park Road just near the Mausima Flyover.
  • The office of the number one steel company of India, Jindal, is present just a block away from the clinic.
  • There are several hospitals and medical facility centres present within half a km radius of the centre.
  • The clinic is just a stone’s throw away from the Sishu Bhawan Square.
  • The clinic is strategically located between the railway station and the airport. It’s half a km distance from the airport and 1.5 km distance from railway station Bhubaneswar.


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