Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery corrects the sagging brow and minimizing the wrinkles on the forehead. It’s a facial cosmetic surgery also called a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation as it improves the appearance of the forehead.

This surgery is usually opted by men and women who are above 30 years who begin to show signs of ageing on their forehead. Usually, wrinkles on the forehead, in between the eyebrows and above the upper eyelids are the starting indicators of ageing. A brow lift surgery will correct such sagging skin and wrinkles resulting in a youthful appearance.


If you have decided to go for brow lift surgery, there are some lifestyle changes you need to make.

  • You should stop smoking for at least four weeks before the surgery and continue doing so until you have recovered.
  • The surgeon may analyze your current medications and advise on stopping some medicines temporarily.
  • You may have to cut your hair if the hair seems to come in the way of your brows.

Apart from these preparations, the surgeon will thoroughly analyze your medical history and advise you on the preparations needed during the recovery. During the consultation, make sure to talk out all the doubts and questions you have in your mind. Open up about your expectations from this surgery and discuss if this procedure is the best way to reach them.

Once you have cleared your doubts, the surgeon will schedule a date for the brow lift.


There are two main ways of brow lift surgery.

  • Classic brow lift
  • Endoscopic brow lift

In a classic brow lift, the surgeon makes an incision from your ear along the hairline in one smooth, continuous cut. Through this incision, the surgeon will correct the wrinkles and sagging skin on your forehead and near your eyebrows.

In an endoscopic brow lift, the incision isn’t as extensive as a classic brow lift. The surgeon makes a few short incisions on the scalp through which a scope is inserted. The surgeon, with the help of the scope, will make the required adjustments. This type of brow lift has a smaller, lesser noticeable incision and a short recovery period. Apart from these two main types of brow lift, there are also a few other methods where the surgeon makes one smooth incision.

  • only on the hairline,
  • Just above the eyebrows directly, or
  • on the either side of your hairline in the temples.
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You can discuss with your surgeon about your choice of brow lift surgery. Depending on your hairline and your expectations out of this procedure, the surgeon will suggest the best method of brow lift to opt for.

Administration of Anaesthesia:At the beginning of the procedure, the surgeon will administer local anaesthesia. In some situations, the surgeon may administer general anaesthesia. You will feel a little groggy for a few hours after the surgery in case of general anaesthesia.

Incisions: Depending on the type of brow lift surgery and your preferences, the surgeon will make the required incisions. After making the required modifications through the incisions, the surgeon will close the incisions with stitches or glue.

This whole process takes about one to two hours. After the completion of the surgery, you will then be sent to a general ward.


As you leave the clinic after the brow lift surgery, the surgeon will give you the specifics about the aftercare. You may also need to visit the surgeon in a couple of days to check on the healing of the incisions and the effect of the procedure.


The surgeon will wrap your forehead with dressings. This is to prevent any infection through the incisions and protect your newly-operated area from the results of the surgery. The surgeon may also place thin tubes for draining. You can get proper instructions on how to drain the tubes and take care of the dressing.

Returning to Normal Life

You can remove the dressings in about one to two weeks after the advice of the surgeon. You should take at least two weeks of rest, after which you can slowly start performing your everyday activities. Please refrain from doing a lot of work in the beginning. Slowly increase your volume of work and get yourself accustomed.

You can begin doing some light exercises three weeks after the surgery. Please check with your surgeon before performing any strenuous activities or water sports.


The scars from the surgery can mostly be hidden as the surgeon particularly makes the incisions in the areas where it can be covered with your hair. You can see a visible pink scar during the initial weeks. This will soon fade off in a few months to a barely-seen white scar.


Brow lift surgery can reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles and sagging brow and help in making your face look young.

It may take more than six months to see the complete results of the brow lift although you can see an immediate difference soon after the swelling reduces in a few weeks. Please make sure to visit the surgeon immediately if you are feeling feverish after the procedure.