Neck Lift

Our neck shows the first signs of ageing, sometimes, even before our face does. You can notice your jowls hanging lower, the otherwise taut skin becoming loose and creases on the neck that makes us look older.
A neck lift surgery will correct the extra skin and enhance the appearance of the neck. A neck lift surgery will tighten your jawline and will also minimize the appearance of creases as you bend your head.

How Can You Prepare for a Neck Lift?

When you are sure about going for a neck lift surgery, the plastic surgeon will provide you with all the required details to prepare yourself. To begin with, you need to make a few changes to get ready for the surgery.
● Stop smoking for at least a month before the surgery.
● Stop taking aspirin and other similar blood-thinning medications that could cause complications during the surgery.
● Follow a healthy diet that will help you to recover faster.
If you have any drug allergies, please make it clear to the surgeon well before the surgery.
Also, before you leave for the surgery, you can keep a few things prepared like ice packs, gauze and other comfortable stuff ready for your recovery.

What Can You Expect from a Neck Lift Surgery?

In a neck lift, a surgeon usually addresses three types of concerns:
● Turkey wattle neck
● Excess skin
● Excess fat
Turkey wattle neck occurs when you feel like there’s a ‘band’ present around your neck. In such a situation, the surgeon will either make cuts behind your ear or under your chin to reposition the muscles that form a band.
When you have excess skin, the surgeon will make multiple incisions based on the locations of the excess skin and cut them out. This procedure takes around one to two hours and you can give a clear account of the places you want the surgeon to work on to get your desired results.
When you have excess fat, liposuction is the best way. The surgeon will make a small cut below your chin to remove the excess fat. This procedure takes less than twenty minutes
You can club this type of neck lift surgery will other facial procedures for a whole transformation.

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How Is the Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Before the scheduled day of the surgery, the surgeon will discuss with you in-depth about your concerns and the best way to treat them. Depending on the kind of issue, the surgeon will choose one or a combination of techniques for neck lift surgery to reduce the sagging skin under your chin and on the neck. This procedure can also minimize the wrinkles to an extent and tighten the skin.
● On the day of the surgery, the surgeon will administer a local or general anesthesia.
● The surgeon will make the incisions at the locations, as previously discussed with you.
● After removing the excess fat, skin or muscle as needed, the surgeon will close the incisions.
● You will be taken to a recovery room to be kept under observation for a few hours and recover from the anesthesia.
Depending on your observation, the surgeon will advise on the next step. Usually, you can return to your home on the same day and take precautionary measures at home.
The surgeon will instruct the ways to maintain your neck and attend to the incisions.

What’s the Recovery Process Like?

Immediately after the surgery, you may feel numbness, slight pain and tightness. The bruising will reduce within a week while you may still feel a little numbness for a few months.

Taking Care of Drain Tubes

The surgeon may attach drain tubes to the operated area, depending on the type of surgery performed. So, it’s vital to get all the information about draining the tubes and take care of the incisions.

Participating in Physical Activities

If you want to work out or participate in some sports, please wait for at least three weeks. Even after these three weeks, you need to take it slow. You can start doing small exercises that do not put pressure on your neck. Always check with the surgeon before indulging in any strenuous exercise.
You should also refrain from taking a dip in the swimming pool.
If you give time for the neck to heal after the surgery, you can soon start doing all the exercises you want in a few months.

Wrapping Up…

It may take several weeks for the swelling in the neck to reduce. You can then see a noticeable difference in the sagging skin under your chin and on your neck.
If you are feeling any discomfort or pain in the operated area, please visit the surgeon soon and get it resolved at the earliest.

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