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Dr. Sandeep Kansal – The Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon in Meerut

Dr. Sandeep Kansal, a well-known plastic and cosmetic surgeon, specializes in performing trichology (cosmetology) thus extending his services to improve the appearance and wellness of his patients. An experienced plastic surgeon, he currently practices at Kailashi Super Speciality clinic in Meerut. His concern for the patients followed by his attention to details altogether makes him an accomplished cosmetic and plastic surgeon. Dr. Sandeep Kansal performs numerous cosmetic surgery treatments to help his patients get a refurbished appearance. His expertise in carrying out plastic surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, ophthalmic surgery and other related surgeries has been immense. In addition, you can also approach him for skin care treatments, surgical dentistry, trichology, facelift, body peel and tattoo removal among other procedures. Before proceeding with the treatment, Dr. Kansal prefers to clear all the confusions the patients might have regarding the surgery. In a candid face-to-face interaction he gives a patient listening to the patients about their apprehensions and expectations with the surgery. He also makes them aware of all the risk factors and advantages of the surgery. This helps the patients to make up their mind for the surgery the better way.


When looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Meerut, you are likely to express concern over the cost. Be aware that the treatment holds more importance than the cost. It would therefore be better to choose the cosmetic surgeon and the clinic wisely without worrying about the involved cost. Anyhow, the result ought to be the most pleasing one, which you might not get in a comparably cheaper and substandard clinic. In India, you will usually find cosmetic surgery treatment to cost cheaper than in other countries. Among the many factors that affect the overall charges include the fees of the surgeon, the hospital selection, sessions taken to complete the surgery. medical equipment used, medical facilities provided and so on.

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At Kailashi Super Speciality clinic, we provide cordial services to the patients. Our medical equipment are highly advanced and we have a duly trained medical staff to assist our expert cosmetic surgeons. We are always at your service, all you need is to approach us and we will be prompt to serve your cause.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Meerut – Kailashi Super Speciality Clinic

  • We are among the best to provide facilities for various cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments.
  • Our staff cares to provide every possible help during your treatment.
  • You can also opt for non-surgical treatments at our clinic
  • Our expert surgeons along with the dedicated staff, all care to abide by the international standards during the treatment.
  • You can avail any of the assorted cosmetic surgery treatments we provide in our clinic, such as aesthetic cosmetic surgery, breast reduction and augmentation, liposuction, facial lift, hair transplant, tummy tuck and so on.
  • Our cosmetic surgery clinic in Meerut has helped countless patients to rejuvenate their appearance thus instilling confidence in their personality.
  • You can always schedule your appointment with Dr. Sandeep Kansal to know the detailed information about the cosmetic treatment you want to undergo.


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