Breast Revision Surgery

Breast implants manufactured today are more advanced and last really long. Yet, contrary to popular belief, breast implants aren’t permanent. Most breast implants can either lose their structure, start sagging or leak after a period of 10 to 15 years. A breast implant revision surgery involves the removal or replacement of the current breast implants.

You may need a breast implant revision surgery if:

  • the implants have deflated.
  • you want to change the size or shape of the breast implants.
  • the implants are sagging.
  • the implants have started leaking or are punctured.
  • the scar tissue has begun forming around the implants.

If you feel a shift in the location of the implants or experience any pain, it’s vital to visit a cosmetic surgeon and identify the issue. The surgeon will take a scan to analyze the root cause of the issue and may advise for revision surgery if there’s a problem with the breast implants.


You will have to follow the same precautions and preparatory measures you followed during your initial breast implantation.


You should stop smoking for at least a month before the scheduled date of the breast implant revision. You should consult the surgeon about any current medications you are taking. There are chances that it can affect the ability of your blood to clot and lead to complications during the surgery.


If you are only removing the implant, then it would be fairly a simple procedure. If you are replacing the implant, then you need to spend some time deciding the type, size and shape of the new implants.

Sit down with the surgeon and discuss your current problems and the expectations from the new implants. Get the suggestions of the surgeon about the optimal size of the implants that would be proportional to your body.

Once you have discussed all the essential details, you can schedule a date for the breast implant revision.

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The procedure of a breast implant revision surgery differs from the first implantation procedure and varies depending on the reason of getting it. In this surgery, the surgeon may alter the size of the implant and correct the complications depending on your concerns.

If you want to reduce the size of the implants, the surgeon will reduce the size of the breast pockets to accommodate a smaller implant. This would generally involve a Breast Lift procedure to be done as well. The surgeon will also remove the old implant, clean out and prepare the area to place the new implants.

If you want to increase the size of the implants, the surgeon will enlarge the pocket to accommodate a larger-sized breast implant.

If scar tissue forms around the implants, the surgeon will carefully remove the scar tissue and the hardened implant to place a new one.

If the breast implant is leaking, the surgeon will carefully remove the implant and attend to the area before placing a new set of implants.

If the breast implant isn’t positioned correctly, you will have to wait for at least two months before the surgeon can operate in the same area. The surgeon will reconstruct the pocket in which the implants are placed and use the other breast tissues to correct the location of the implants for a symmetrical and natural look.

In all of these procedures, the surgeon will mostly use the same location of incisions as the original implantation surgery. The surgeon will sew back the incisions after making the required revisions.

Only on the occasion of a breast lift combined with a breast implant revision surgery, the surgeon will have to make new incisions depending on the amount of lift you need.


The recovery process for this surgery is pretty much similar to the original breast implant surgery. For the first two days, you may feel swelling and redness in the operated region. The surgeon may recommend some medications to ease the pain.

Special Bra

The surgeon will ask you to wear a special bra that keeps your implants secure in the same location. You may have to wear this special bra for at least two to three weeks.

Getting Back to Normal Life

You can walk around after the revision surgery, but you cannot start doing your regular work until after three weeks. You will start seeing the results of the procedure after three months once the swelling has completely subsided and the implants have set in its places.


A breast implant revision surgery is unavoidable for those who opt for breast implants. Of course, the duration of the original implants varies depending on your conditions and preferences. But, it’s best to get your implants often checked once you cross the 10-year mark. A breast revision surgery will help to maintain the natural, symmetrical appearance of your breasts and keep the problems in check.