Breast Asymmetry Correction – Giving your Physical Appearance a Significant Lift

Breast asymmetry refers to the difference in the shape, size, position or all of these of breasts among females. Although quite common among a majority of women worldwide, it does not lead to any medical condition. At the worst, it may hamper your physical appearance or could lower down your confidence. To reverse the effects of any such adverse impact, body conscious women prefer opting for Breast asymmetry correction. Let’s delve deeper into this discussion.

Asymmetry in breasts

Usually, the breasts attain equality in size by the age a female reaches 16 years or is about to end her puberty. If the sizes remain asymmetric even after the age of 16 years, chances are higher for her to continue having them unequal for the rest of her life. So, if you are not any more in the sweet sixteen club and have unequal breasts, you are one in every four adult women in the world who possess asymmetry in breasts to some degree.

What are the probable causes?

In any of these causes, there is no harmful impact on your breasts.

  • Ovulation: The breast tissue may undergo an increase in size when a woman ovulates, hence making the breasts appear tender, sensitive and fuller.
  • Hormonal changes: Often, the fluctuating levels of progesterone and estrogen in the female breasts may tend the tissues to collect more water, hence leading to edema or water retention. This may result in puffiness or swelling of the breasts.
  • Lovemaking: Doctors also opine a 25% increase in the breast size during sex, because of a steep rise in blood stimulation. However, this increase would be ephemeral, as the breasts will be back to their normal state after it’s all over.
  • Nevertheless, there may occur noticeable change in the size of your precious assets after puberty, possibly because of:

  • Congenital traits that lead to difference in the size or position of areola, nipples, breast or inframammary crease
  • A failed breast augmentation surgery leading to stretched areolas, capsular contracture, sagging breasts, dislocated implants, etc.
  • Periods, pregnancy, breastfeeding or even a disease such as breast cancer
  • An unidentified syndrome
  • These reasons may necessitate the need for correction surgery. Your plastic surgeon would be the best person to suggest the best move in this context.
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The treatment

To get away with uneven size, breast asymmetry correction could be a solution to consider. Surgeons recommend opting for esthetic, reconstructive and plastic surgery to regain symmetry in the breasts. The choice of surgery however depends on the analysis of the body characteristics of the candidate as done by the surgeon. Mostly, the experts perform breast augmentation, breast reduction or both of these surgeries to attain the intended goal.

Breast augmentation

Also termed as breast implants, it requires the surgeon to insert either silicone or implants filled with salt water inside the breasts.

  • For this, the expert plastic surgeon gives general anesthesia to the patient.
  • Next, he places incisions in the inconspicuous or unnoticeable areas below the breast to make the scars invisible.
  • He then encircles the areola and creates a pocket for implant placement.
  • The surgery for breast asymmetry correction completes with the insertion of implants.

Breast reduction or lift

This surgery also needs administering general anesthetic to the patient.

  • Next, the surgeon will create an incision in a near invisible location in the lower breast area
  • The expert will cut off additional skin and remove fat tissues from the breast
  • As a result, the patients gets smaller, better shaped and symmetric breasts
  • Besides these two treatments, the candidate of breast asymmetry correction may also opt to wear external breast prosthesis.

    The period after Breast Asymmetry Correction

    After undergoing the treatment, you will notice swelling and soreness in your breasts, which will last for a week or so. Here are some more important points to consider:

  • The surgeon will recommend you to visit his clinic routinely for a few weeks, based on their protocols and your recovery.
  • He will try to minimize the visible scars in every visit.
  • During the first two visits, he will detach the sutures and cover the incisions with a tape.
  • He may also recommend using silicone scar gel after some period of taping, to apply two times every day till a few months.
  • You can resume carrying out your routine within the first two weeks itself without exhibiting any hint of surgery.
  • While significant correction is noticeable within six weeks the breasts continue to evolve and final results may take months.
  • The results of breast asymmetry correction would be long lasting. Regain your lost esteem
  • So, if you are unhappy with your uneven breasts and want them to look symmetric, sensitive and fuller, this surgery could well prove to be a final destination. Perhaps, a treatment for breast asymmetry correction done through a board certified plastic surgeon would help you regain your appearance and the lost confidence appreciably.

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