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Dr. Rajat Gupta also trains other plastic surgeons from all over the world with his specialized techniques of body contouring called PURE contouring. He has worked with some of the most distinguished and famous Indian personalities. He has performed over 3200 cosmetic procedures, 1000 facelift surgeries and more 2000 body contouring procedures. His skill lays in transforming the person’s appearance without leaving any visible signs of the procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Delhi

Dr. Rajat Gupta is very straight forward about how much it will cost the patients. He offers a cost-effective treatment plan that is compatible with the budget of the middle class. With his customized services, Dr. Rajat Gupta takes extensive care to create a foolproof treatment plan that covers the expectations of the patients and still comes under the budget.
To know the actual cost, please visit Dr. Rajat Gupta’s clinic and discuss the specifics of the procedure.

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Dr. Rajat Gupta offers several cosmetic procedures from botox and dermal fillers to full body contouring. Pick the treatment that can solve your issue and visit Dr. Rajat to get advice on the same.

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  • RG Aesthetics is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery centres in Delhi.
  • The clinic has many advanced tools to finesse the art of cosmetic surgery which is evident in the patient’s results.
  • The clinic has PIEZOTOME, one of the most precise tools for performing Rhinoplasty.
  • Dr. Rajat Gupta, the main cosmetic surgeon in RG Aesthetics, introduced ARAVATI ThermiRF and ThermiVA for the first time in India for non-invasive skin tightening procedures.
  • The clinic has state-of-the-art laser devices approved by the US FDA.
  • In this clinic, the surgeon uses a combination of Vaser Liposuction with MicroAire Liposuction that multiplies the excels the expectations of liposuction surgery.

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