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Rhinoplasty, commonly known as Nose Job or Nose Surgery, is a surgical procedure to change the appearance of one’s nose. The treatment helps to make the nose look more elegant with the rest of facial features. In today’s world, it is important to look presentable, and an attractive face contributes significantly in this regime. Thus, opting for the plastic surgeries could well enhance your beauty and make you steal the show wherever you go.
Rhinoplasty also known as Nose Job or Nose Surgery
Rhinoplasty is a popular surgical treatment that appreciates the physical appearance of an individual. It is also a common reconstructive procedure among people with breathing difficulties or with a broken nose because of some incident. This surgery helps to make the nose look more prominent and in alignment with the proportions of the face.
Rhinoplasty is a very safe procedure and does not have a long list of requirements as in other procedures. For this surgery, your nose needs to be fully developed and you must be emotionally ready to accept the change that this procedure will bring to your life.
Rhinoplasty consists of three areas of operation i.e.
Your Skin
Bone Structure: the upper portion of your nose
Cartilage: the lower portion of your nose

How to make the surgery successful?

To make any surgery successful, it is very important to consult an expert, with good experience in the concerned procedure. A skilled surgeon will guide you thoroughly throughout the procedure to make you aware of all the risks and consequences involved. Some steps to go through before the surgery are as follows:
1. The doctor will go through your medical history to make sure that you are free from any complications, which may prove to be problematic.
2. It is equally important to choose a surgeon with an appreciable success rate. You can consult with as many doctors as you can and ask for the past surgical results or before and after pictures of their recent patients.
Making Rhinoplasty Surgery Successful
3. Rhinoplasty is a permanent procedure, so you have to be very sure if you want to go with it. This treatment requires great commitment and considerable expenses. Precisely, the cost of Rhinoplasty surgery depends upon the procedure and the condition of your nose.
4. It is advisable to consult with your health insurance provider about the terms and conditions covering this treatment, if any. It is always better to opt for insurance if there are more chances of such procedure going wrong.
5. Another important thing is to follow all the instructions given by your surgeon before and after the surgery to ensure the positive results.

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Types of Rhinoplasty

Your surgeon will perform Rhinoplasty through the following two techniques depending upon the intensity of the procedure:
Open Rhinoplasty
In this procedure, the plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the lower part of the nose i.e. at the bottom nose and in between the nostrils opening up the nose. This gives access to the internal structure of the nose and allows making desired changes to the appearance of the nose. The procedure will leave a small scar under your nose but it will become invisible in no time after the surgery.
Closed Rhinoplasty
This treatment is preferable when you need small adjustments in your nose. It requires the surgeon to make a small cut inside the nostril, leaving no visible scar. The only downside is that this technique does not allow as much access to the inner structure as the other procedure; therefore, it has very limited application.

Preparation before undergoing Rhinoplasty

• In the first step, you will have to undergo thorough medical examination. Alongside, it is wise to disclose all the essential information related to your medical history such as any disease, congenital issues or any kind of medication that you have been on.
• Second step is nose examination, where the doctor will access your nose to find out the intensity of the procedure or the type of Rhinoplasty that suits your health condition. It is important to note the bone structure of your nose, any breathing difficulty, and the strength of the cartilage to ensure a successful surgery.
• If you take medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen, the surgeon will recommend stopping them for around two weeks prior to the surgery. These drugs can affect the blood clotting and may cause excessive bleeding during the procedure.
• It is also mandatory to quit smoking as it may cause complications in the healing process after the treatment.

The Procedure of Rhinoplasty

• Anaesthesia: The surgeon will administer local anaesthesia if it is a minor operation and you would be conscious throughout the surgery. All major rhinoplasties will require a general anesthesia in which the anesthetist will be using an endotracheal tube put through the mouth for giving the anaesthesia gases and for protecting the airways.
• Incision making: After keeping a close check on your pulse and other vitals, the surgeon will make a small cut either on the base of the nose or inside of the nostril depending on the requisite procedure. In rare cases, the doctor might implant or take cartilage from the other parts of your body.
• Incision stitching and covering: After making the necessary adjustments to the nose, the surgeon will close the cut with stitches. A metal or plastic splint placed on your nose could prevent from damage. You will remain under close observation for the next hour or two.
• The doctor will advise you to keep your head elevated to avoid excessive bleeding or swelling. You can go home after a few hours depending upon your condition.

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Post-Surgery Effects & Instructions

Four weeks after the surgery are very crucial. There can be a nasal packing for one day after the surgery and a nasal splint for 5-7 days. The splint will remain in place for a week or so to protect from any unnecessary incidents. It is important to give care and rest to your nose for complete healing.
Rhinoplasty-Post-Surgery Effects & Instructions
• It is better to avoid heavy activities like bending, lifting or swimming etc. Prefer not to do things like heavy chewing, wearing heavy eyewear or even brushing your teeth, if possible.
• Do not go outside in the sun to avoid discoloration of the nose or area around your eyes.
• You might experience irregular swelling for a certain period. It is best to consult with your doctor in case of any problem.
• It will take some time for your nose shape to adjust and you may take some time to get familiar to your new appearance.

Risks involved in the surgery

As in every cosmetic procedure, Rhinoplasty also involves certain risks, which are essential to know before going under the knife. These include bleeding or numbness of the nose, allergic reactions, post-surgery scars, discolouration of the skin or difficulty in breathing. You must consult the right surgeon regarding all these consequences involved before opting for Rhinoplasty.
For safe and speedy recovery after any kind of surgical treatment, it is best to follow all the instructions given by the doctor. You can always contact us to get  any kind of information related to Rhinoplasty. We will help you with a quick and valuable response!


The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition. This document was last reviewed by Dr. Bibilash Babu, Plastic Surgeon on: 12-JUN-2020

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