Inverted Nipple Correction

From the time of ancient scriptures breast and nipples have been depicted as an erogenous part of women’s anatomy. Nipples are a big turn on and contribute heavily in making the breasts attractive and men get attracted toward the tits of their women the moment they see these. They are like the minarets without which a dome is incomplete. No wonder, every woman would like to have protruded and hard nipples. But! Not all the females are that fortunate as many can have inverted nipples as well.

Mostly, long-standing inverted nipples pose no threat to health, but they do depreciate the physical appearance of a woman. Many females ignore this situation, considering the tits as a hidden part. Nevertheless, some prefer correcting this anomaly for the sake of their men, to restore their aesthetic appearance, to increase their self-confidence or due to any other personal reason. Inverted nipple correction from an experienced surgeon hence becomes the ultimate solution in this regard.


Put into simple words, an inverted nipple is more inside the breasts than outside. At times, it can even go below the areolar surface, which is the pigmented region around the nipple. About 9-10% women across the world have at least one inverted nipple; although, it could affect both breasts. Men can also suffer from this condition, but they are less likely to go for inverted nipple correction as compared to the women.


In rare conditions, this could be the sign of some disease as well, for instance, when you notice:

  • Lump close to nipple
  • Discharge from the nipples, other than milk; bloody at times
  • Flaking or redness on the nipple skin
  • Soreness or tenderness that is creating discomfort in the breast tissue
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Also called retracted nipples, this condition might be congenital, or the women may notice it in the later part of their life, as they grow up. It could happen due to:

  • A local trauma
  • Breastfeeding
  • Post pregnancy side effects
  • Infection
  • Breast sagging
  • Scar tissues on the breast due to some previously done surgery, etc.


Mostly, this situation occurs when there arises a problem in the ductal system connected to the nipple. If you do not have this condition since birth, and are noticing it only after a certain age, it is wise to visit a surgeon. He would be the best person to tell if the inversion accompanies no health hazards or is indeed the sign of some severe disease such as:

  • Breast cancer
  • Duct ectasia
  • Periductal mastitis
  • Fat loss around the nipple
  • Lung infection or TB in rare cases
  • Fibrocystic breast disease

Moreover, problems in breastfeeding could be one of the most probable complications of nipple inversion. It would be great if a lactation consultant or a surgeon makes it possible for you to breastfeed properly. This will be a good sign of improved nipple elasticity and could resolve your retracted nipples.

Who is the best candidate for the inverted nipple correction?

In addition to inverted nipples, the areola conditions also include several other common problems like puffy areolas, male Gynecomastia and areola with bigger diameter. Surgeons treat these conditions through various methods. Talking specifically about correction of inverted nipples, surgeons perform it as a cosmetic procedure in men and women.

It requires the intervention of an expert to carry out an outpatient surgery in the wake of attaining permanent correction from inverted, shy, or enlarged nipples. Usually, women are more likely to go for this treatment as the inverted nipples is a likely possibility during breastfeeding, making the things more complicated.

Doctors use a three-stage scale to find out ideal candidates for inverted nipple surgery.

  • Stage 1:
  • SThe nipples in this stage, may be inverted, but would protrude when exposed to tactile stimulation or cold. It does not require surgery.
  • Stage 2:
  • The nipples always remain inverted, but are possible to protrude temporarily through vigorous stimulation. Some patients identifying with this state may opt for surgery.
  • Stage 3:
  • In this most severe case, even strong stimulation or suction fails to divert the nipples outward. A candidate in this state is ideal to undergo surgery.


Let’s start with an easy exercise that you can do at home with no equipment required.

Hoffman technique

This is an age-old method to correct inverted tits at home itself. Used first in 1950, it requires you to do the following steps:

  • Place your both the thumbs on the base of the nipples firmly.
  • Press the thumbs downwards and drift them apart from each other
  • Rotate the thumbs all around the nipples
  • Keep repeating this exercise

Your nipples may protrude through this method but there is no guarantee about the duration it will take to show positive results. There are no authentic studies to prove its efficacy either. Much will depend on ones’ breast, as they differ from person to person. Still, doing this exercise once in a day would be ideal would fetch good outcomes, since regular stimulation can help in protruding the nipples effectively. If you are not getting favorable results or if you are becoming impatient, opting for surgery could well be your next move.

Generally, two types of surgeries are prevalent to correct this anomaly.


Surgeons use this method in order to preserve the milk ducts on a partial basis. It enables the females to carry on with breastfeeding, with some systems of milk ducts functioning properly. Here are the steps the surgeon performs:

  • Administers a local anesthetic
  • Creates an incision around the areola, surrounding the nipple
  • Raises the areola and nipple while still attached to the breast
  • Stitches them into a shape pointing outward


This method involves removing milk ducts, which will prevent the females from breastfeeding. Apart from milk duct removal, the entire procedure is the same as in the case of partial milk ducts preservation. Owing to the severity of the condition, this is the only method to correct the inverted nipples that could look aesthetically appealing. Women may feel hesitant to undergo this procedure, but if you have none to breastfeed and do not have any pregnancy plans either, then you may opt for it.


The recovery period post inverted nipple repair lasts only 1-3 days. There may occur slight bruising or swelling, which you can control with over-the-counter drugs as suggested by the surgeon. You can resume routine daily activities within 1-2 days of the surgery itself. The results will last for a lifetime if you have approached an expert plastic surgeon for the inverted nipple procedure.

Because of undergoing this surgery, women would feel more confident and high on esteem regarding their inner appearance. Their men will also appreciate the appearance more than ever. However, a minor fault may reverse the results and tend you to opt for more treatments, which could be costly, scarring and without any assurance. Hence, the need to select the best surgeon for inverted nipple correction is of high importance.