Everything You Need To Know About Buttock Enhancement

Buttock enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that helps to lift the buttock to look firmer and curvier. It helps to reshapes the patient’s buttock by getting rid of sagging and flat buttock. This surgical procedure is performed due to the below-mentioned reasons: • Over age, the buttock eludes its firmness and starts looking saggy and uneven. • Extreme weight loss. • Flat buttocks and requirement of fuller body shape. Buttock Enhancement Buttock enhancement can be performed in two ways: 1. Brazilian Butt Lift 2. Buttock Implants The main motive behind these procedures is to achieve round and firm buttock to give the body a richer and more attractive look. PREPARATION FOR BUTTOCK ENHANCEMENT • The most important thing for a successful surgery is choosing an experienced surgeon. Because the procedure is very complex, so it requires skilled cosmetic surgeon. It is advisable to see the before and after pictures of patients to check the recent results and to know the success rate of the treatments performed by a doctor. • During the consultation phase, the candidate should be open about any medical history or any surgical procedure done in the past. • If the patient is on any kind of medication like anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, herbal medicines or have habit of smoking/drinking, then she might have to give it up for a while. • The doctor examines the buttock to analyse the procedure to be performed and he might take some pictures to compare the before and after results of the procedure. Find a Cosmetic Surgeon in Your Area Select your city PROCEDURE On the day of surgery, it is advised to wear comfortable clothes and to have someone who would accompany the patient after the procedure. The patient is given a dose of local anaesthesia and then the surgeon proceeds according to the procedure decided. Buttock Enhancement Procedure • Brazilian Butt Lift Under this process, the surgeon removes excess fat from areas like, back, waistline, thighs or abdomen of the patient. The fat obtained is then processed and injected in the buttock of the patient. This increases the size of the buttock in a uniform manner, making it look rounder and firmer. Buttock enhancement through this procedure is a less invasive method as compared to Buttock Implant because it does not require big incision. • Buttock Implants In this procedure, the surgeon uses silicone implants to enhance the size and shape of the buttock. An incision is made around the crease of the buttock and surrounding areas. Then, the silicone implants are inserted, and the incisions are stitched. The surgeon makes the patient aware about the size of the implant prior to the treatment. After performing implant a drain tube is inserted in the buttock , but not after fat transfer. after any of these 2 surgeries buttocks are wrapped with a bandage to keep the added fat or implant in place. In some cases, the surgeon may also use the combination of both techniques to give a more desirable result. POST-SURGERY CARE • After the procedure, the patient might not be able to sit for a while and it is advisable to distribute the pressure evenly while sitting, so as not to affect the surgical area. • The drain tubes help to remove the fluid collected from the patient’s body. The doctor removes them after 1-2 weeks and till then, the patient needs to be attended at regular intervals. • The doctor also advises special garment for the buttocks that the patient needs to wear after the surgery. There might be some noticeable swelling or redness around the buttock initially but as the swelling goes down, the results of the surgery are more noticeable. After 2 to 3 weeks of the procedure, the patient might return to the normal lifestyle or work routine. Caution is very necessary to avoid any stressful activity, and to sit with the support of pillow is highly recommended. Therefore, Buttock Enhancement Surgery can help to achieve the safe and enduring outcomes that are desirable if the patient follows a healthy routine after the treatment.

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