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Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Nagpur

Dr. Gaurav Jannawar – One of the Most Experienced Cosmetic Surgeons in Nagpur

The desire to regain your appearance after a physical trauma such as an accident or a health problem is obvious. The selection of cosmetic surgeon is however of utmost significance, which is where Dr. Gaurav Jannawar holds an upper hand. The board certified plastic surgeon is the foremost to offer cosmetic gynecology and laser liposuction services in Central India. Dr. Gaurav, MS, Mch (Gold Medalist), practices in Auradale Clinic in Nagpur and helps the patients get the peace of mind through its candid consultations. He holds 6 years of rigorous experience in performing Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Surgery. He has also gained excellence in the fields of microvascular reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery. Outstanding skills of Dr. Gaurav Jannawar such as ambidexterity, sculpting and art have helped him gain a settled edge in the field of plastic surgery. He gives immense value to the doctor patient relationship so that he could be able to provide a safe and comfortable environment to the patients during the treatment. Keeping abreast with latest technological advancements in Plastic surgery and providing the patients with the most advanced treatment remains his foremost priority.


The cost of cosmetic surgery in India is cheaper as compared to the treatment in other parts of the world and Nagpur is no different. You can get the best plastic and cosmetic surgery treatment from Auradale clinic in Nagpur under the supervision of Dr. Gaurav Jannawar. However, as for the cost concerns, much will rely on the type of surgery you have undergone. Other factors like the selection of surgeon, medical facilities, medical equipment used, etc. also play their part in fixing the cost of the surgery. In the end, the result has to be exceptional because that is what you are paying for.

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The cosmetic surgeries performed in Auradale, Nagpur, aim at helping the patients especially the females to get away with the aging effects and regain their youthfulness. Our well-equipped clinic is ever ready to help the surgeons with their laser, plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments. We also enable our cosmetic surgeons to leverage the latest NST, Lasers, Scar, and Lipolysis gadgets to perform the surgery with success.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Nagpur – Auradale Clinic

  • The Auradale Clinic in Nagpur is the best to undergo cosmetic and plastic surgery treatment.
  • The clinic staff offers cordial hospitality and extends every possible help during your treatment.
  • You can also opt for Laser Liposuction and Laser Skin Tightening from this renowned clinic in Central India
  • Dr. Gaurav holds adept expertise in performing various cosmetic and plastic surgeries including liposuction, hair transplant, gynecomastia and more.
  • The surgeons and the staff at Auradale always care to abide by the requisite standards.
  • The clinic has helped many to regain their lost appearance and leave with smiles.
  • Feel free to visit the clinic today and engage in a candid discussion with Dr. Gaurav Jannawar to get detailed information about the treatment you want to undergo.


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