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Dr. Ashutosh Shah

Dr. Ashutosh Shah is the best and most popular cosmetic surgeon in Surat. He has a vast presence in Surat with his cosmetic surgery clinics spread all over the city. Be it hair transplant procedures, complex body contouring surgeries or non-surgical treatments, he is the number one choice for it all. He is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in India whose is quite versatile in the most-required cosmetic surgical procedures like liposuction, fillers, breast augmentation and reduction, hair transplantation, diabetic treatments and gynecomastia. Want to know more about his results? Have a look at his patients’ experience.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in Surat

Depending on the type of cosmetic procedure that’s best for you, the total treatment cost varies. Generally, for non-invasive procedures in Surat, the cost for the whole treatment starts from 85,000 INR. For surgical procedures, the surgery costs start from 1,00,000 INR. Apart from the main cost of the treatment, there will also be additional costs for the internal medicines, topical applications and other scans to monitor the condition.

Dr. Ashutosh Shah offers affordable treatment plan customized to address your concerns that results in renewed and pleasing results. So if you want to know the exact cost for the treatment, please consult Dr. Shah.

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With the numerous cosmetic surgeries offered, transforming your physical appearance to just the way you desire is just a visit away! Choose the procedure you need and get it performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon.

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  • This is the only cosmetic surgery clinic in Surat and South Gujarat that offers all types of cosmetic procedures.
  • Apart from Dr. Ashutosh Shah as the main cosmetic surgeon, they also have a dermatologist, LASER specialists, a dietician, cosmetic dental experts, a yoga teacher and a weight management expert to provide the best possible results.
  • This clinic has all the hi-tech equipment needed to perform different types of cosmetic surgeries and non-invasive treatments.
  • It’s one of the few clinics in Surat that offers complete reconstructive surgeries.
  • The clinic is present just near the Madhuvan Circle at the junction of Green City Road and LP Savani Road.
  • The Walkway Mall is just a stone throw’s away from the Clinic.
  • Since it’s present on the main road, there are several restaurants from the popular fast-food chains to traditional local restaurants that are just a few minutes away.

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