Break Free From Saggy Cheeks With Buccal Fat Removal!

The modern day selfie-crazy people could do almost anything to have a camera-ready face all the time. Amid such high importance of the outer image, there is literally no space for saggy or chubby cheeks in the lives of people, especially the camera conscious fellows. For obvious reasons, no one wants to flaunt a baby face that makes them look less intimidating and more naïve.

So, what to do? Well! Buccal Fat Removal is an appropriate solution to get rid of these chubby cheeks. The treatment helps in achieving a natural-looking slimmer and firm face by removing the excess fat from the lower region of the cheeks. This treatment gives the face a well-formed and contoured look.


Buccal Fat Removal mainly focuses on making the cheeks thinner. Buccal Fat is actually the fat accumulated in the lower region of the cheeks. The specialist removes this fat, hence leading to a more attractive and well-defined facial look.

Anyone aged 21 years old or more and having fully developed cheeks can opt for this procedure. Consulting an experienced surgeon is always better, as it will clear all the doubts related to the procedure and its results.


During the consultation phase, it is necessary to discuss the expectations from the treatment. The doctor will examine the health conditions, which will help to decide on the most suitable technique. He might suggest a combination of Buccal Fat Removal and Face Lift Surgery or with a chin liposuction to give a thinner lower face to provide the desired results. The candidate will also get to know about the total cost, depending on several aspects such as the clinic’s location, the surgeon’s expertise and so on.

It is ideal to stop any intake of medicine or habit of smoking for a month prior to the treatment.

The surgeon will thoroughly observe the patient’s health record to rule out any complication that may arise due to the surgery.

The surgeon will capture the picture of the cheeks to document the procedure, and to note down the outcome.

Lab tests will ensure the safety of the candidate during the surgical method.

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  • The procedure takes about 30 mins – 1hr only. Initially, the doctor gives local anesthesia to make the surgical area numb.
  • Then, he creates an incision inside the mouth to remove the buccal fat, which is about 2 to 3 cm long.
  • After removing the additional fat, the surgeon will stitch the incision with dissolvable stitches or temporary sutures.
  • The patient will remain under observation for about 3 hours. He can go home after being sure of his stable condition.


  • For a few days, the concerned person must not consume solid food or any item that requires a lot of chewing. It is advisable to avoid straining the facial muscles.
  • Protein-rich diet or healthy liquid drinks (like milk, juice, etc.) will help in speedy recovery.
  • The patient can go back to the normal routine after 2 to 3 weeks. The initial period of recovery might be uncomfortable and painful because of the irritation and inflammation. The swelling will eventually go down after a few weeks and the results will be more visible.


The surgeon performing this treatment should be highly experienced, as it requires extreme precision. In adverse conditions, some risks may still arise during or after the procedure, such as:

  • Infection and swelling.
  • Slow healing of incision leading to pain and unease.
  • Injury to facial nerve that may affect facial muscles.
  • Asymmetry in shapes of both the cheeks.
  • Persistent discomfort and pain.

However, these complications happen in very rare cases. The best method to avoid such risks is to be very clear about any health problem or medical history, which may affect the surgical outcome. Also, the concerned person needs to find a skilled cosmetic surgeon who holds expertise in performing such medical procedures.

To get the best results, the specialist always instructs the patient to follow all the necessary precautions involved in the process. After three or more months, the significant results of Buccal Fat Removal would be visible. The patient will start noticing sculpted and defined cheeks.

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