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Due to the changes in the hormonal secretion in males, the breasts of males may become bigger. Gynecomastia is the male breast reduction treatment in which the surgeon removes the fatty tissues from the breast area to give a contoured chest. If you are suffering from similar issues, schedule a consultation session with our cosmetic surgeon’s clinic in Bhubaneswar for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Akshay Rout for Gynecomastia in Bhubaneswar?

  • One of the leading cosmetic surgeons in Bhubaneswar having many years of experience with Gynecomastia treatments.
  • Owns expertise in performing the two main types of Gynecomastia surgeries: Liposuction and tissue excision.
  • Offers customized treatment plans to treat Gynecomastia based on the age, weight and medical conditions of the patient.
  • One of Bhubaneswar’s highly accomplished surgeons with proven results in reducing the breast size and contouring the chest of men and boys.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Bhubaneswar

With several treatment options available for Gynecomastia, some need medicines, while the others require surgery. Our cosmetic surgeon will take you through the whole process and help you achieve a flat chest, as you desire. Depending on these treatment options, the cost of the Gynecomastia will vary. It is best to have an open talk with our surgeon from Bhubaneswar about your expectations and get an idea of the involved cost.

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Big breasts can affect self-esteem for men. If you too have a similar problem, it is wise to undergo Gynecomastia from our expert cosmetic surgeon in Bhubaneswar! It is a safe and the best way to have a flat chest and regain your confidence.

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