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Breast implants enhance the appearance and size of the breasts and complement the entire figure. Unfortunately, breast implants are not permanent. You need to go for breast revision surgery after a span of 10 or more years when your breasts start to sag again.
In breast revision surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will focus on changing the implants and reshaping the breasts to retain a youthful appearance. The highly skilled cosmetic surgeons in Bangalore can help you better in achieving natural-looking, rounder and fuller breasts.

Why Choose Dr. Karishma Kagodu for Breast Revision Surgery in Bangalore?

  • One of the top cosmetic surgeons in Bangalore and duly experienced in breast implant surgery.
  • Experienced in performing numerous breast augmentation with implants, breast implant removal and breast revision surgeries.
  • Skilled at thoroughly examining the condition and offering detailed guidance in choosing the new breast implants.
  • Certified by the best national and international boards of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Cost of Breast Revision Surgery in Bangalore

A breast revision surgery involves swapping the old implants for the new implants. There can be minor complications like scar tissue removal as well as cleaning up any damages or leaks. As it’s an extensive procedure, the cost of the breast revision surgery starts from 1,00,000 INR. This cost can vary depending on the type and size of the breast implants you choose, the condition of the current implants and the cosmetic surgeon. The total price is not inclusive of the medicines and other items like bandages needed for recovery.
To get a good estimate for your breast revision surgery, feel free to visit our expert cosmetic surgeon at the Bangalore clinic.

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