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If you are feeling insecure about how your breasts droop, then a simple breast lift will improve your complete physical look. Mastopexy, also known as breast lift, is a cosmetic surgery where the surgeon raises the location of nipples and removes sagging tissues to create an impression of tightened and fuller breasts. Our cosmetic surgeon is one of the best in Lucknow to create amazing results with breast lift surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Dr. Sumit Malhotra for Breast Lift in Lucknow?

  • Proven expertise to help patients fix the issue of sagging breasts.
  • The top cosmetic surgeon in Lucknow with full practical knowledge of breast-related surgeries.
  • Ability to customize the breast lift surgery based on just what the patient wants.
  • A reputed cosmetic surgeon from Lucknow with memberships from several national and international boards of cosmetic surgeries.

Cost of Breast Lift Surgery in Lucknow

While the main reason for the Mastopexy is to ‘lift’ the breasts, many also opt to get reshaped or rounder breasts. So, if you are looking for such accompanying results, then the total cost of the breast lift surgery will differ. It is important to find the right cosmetic surgeon from Lucknow who can advise you on a safer course of treatment.

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Due to aging, pregnancy or weight gain, breasts tend to sag which spoils the overall appearance even when you wear the best clothes. A breast lift surgery will help you by lifting and reshaping your breasts. Visit our cosmetic surgeon in Lucknow to know more about breast lift surgery.

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