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Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons in Ahmedabad hold dexterity in performing complex cosmetic surgeries with ease. Our experts have a commendable record of operating countless surgeries with success. Among their expertise, include Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Gynecomastia, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, and more. Our surgeons are immensely qualified and possess adept expertise in performing surgery with great precision. They make sure to give personal attention to each individual, listen carefully to the problems of the patients, and try to grasp their expectations from the surgery. This helps them appreciably in suggesting and performing the most suitable procedure in a safe and hygienic environment, well-equipped with advanced surgery tools.

Your forehead and eyelids are among the first places to show the signs of ageing. A Brow Lift surgery targets this very area of your face, i.e., sagging skin between the eyebrows and the upper eyelids. You can minimise the appearance of wrinkles on the eyelids, which will automatically result in a rejuvenated appearance. Since it is an intricate surgery, it is vital to consult one of our best cosmetic surgeons in Ahmedabad.

Why Choose Our Surgeons for Brow Lift Surgery in Ahmedabad?

  • The best cosmetic surgeons in Ahmedabad with specialisation in facial cosmetic procedures
  • Ability to deliver amazing results by minimising the signs of ageing near the brows
  • Expert at combining Brow Lift surgery with other facial treatments like facelifts,fillers, or Botox.
  • Experienced cosmetic surgeons in Ahmedabad, certified by the top national associations of cosmetic surgeons.

COST OF brow lift SURGERY IN Ahmedabad

When compared to other cosmetic procedures, Brow Lift surgery is a simple yet intricate treatment. Apart from the main surgery cost, you should also consider the price of medicines and other necessities for a smooth recovery. To get an estimate for Brow Lift surgery, you can always consult our cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad.

To get an estimate for brow lift surgery, you can always consult our cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad.


Tired eyes with wrinkles can make you look older. Our surgeons will help to reduce the sagging skin and wrinkles on your eyelids, hence letting your eyes look bright, big, and beautiful. The customised Brow Lift surgery performed by one of our best plastic surgeons in Ahmedabad would be suitable in this regard.

FAQs on Brow Lift Surgery in Ahmedabad

1. Are you a good candidate for Brow Lift surgery?

The points below will help to find out if you are a suitable candidate for Brow Lift surgery in Ahmedabad:

  • Your eyebrows have started sagging because of excessive skin
  • Heavily sagging brows leading to the vision problem
  • Formation of vertical frown lines between the brows
  • Fine lines and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • You have good health overall, free from any severe chronic disease
  • You do not consume tobacco or alcohol
  • You have set measurable goals with the Brow Lift surgery
2. What is the cost of Brow Lift surgery?

The average cost of Brow Lift surgery in Ahmedabad ranges between 60,000 INR to 1,30,000 INR. There is however a big variation, which results due to the selection of hospital, the expertise of the surgeon, fees of the anesthesiologist, the use of advanced techniques, the extent of Brow Lift, the addition of other surgeries, and so on.

3. What are the risks related to Brow Lift surgery?

Like almost any other surgery, Brow Lift also accompanies several risks and complications:

  • Severe pain, bruising, and swelling
  • Accumulation of flood or seroma, which necessitates the drainage of fluid
  • Allergic behaviour to sutures, antiseptic medicines, dressings, etc.
  • Allergic reaction to anaesthesia
  • Possibility of infection
  • Skin scarring with visible marks formed due to sutures
  • Loss of sensation in the facial skin and the scalp area
  • Itching in the face or scalp
  • Skin contour irregularities leading to depressions and skin wrinkling
  • Harm to deeper structures like the eyes, nerves, skull bone, muscles, and blood vessels
  • Asymmetrical face
4. When can you go for Brow Lift surgery?

People between the ages of 40-65 mostly opt for Brow Lift surgery. During this age bracket, the brow line starts to droop, fine lines appear across the forehead and wrinkle formation becomes a norm. However, young patients in their 20s or 30s having a genetic problem of “worry lines” may also opt for this surgery

5. What are the things to do before the Brow Lift Surgery?
  • Quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery in Ahmedabad
  • Quit drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks before the Brow Lift
  • Visit the doctor to review your medical history and suggest the adjustment of existing medications (if any) accordingly
  • Clear your confusion regarding the surgery with your cosmetic surgeon
  • Have a clear reason for undergoing the surgery and be aware of the related pros and cons
  • Get medical tests such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), Clotting Time (CT), and Bleeding Time (BT) a few days before the surgery to ensure your good health for the surgery
  • Avoid consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs or other drugs that could increase bleeding and bruising
  • Arrange for someone to be with you during the surgery and help you take home after the surgery
6. What to expect on the day of Brow Lift surgery?
  • On the day of Brow Lift surgery, be in the hospital on time
  • The anesthesiologist will inquire about your reaction to anesthesia and will administer the dose accordingly
  • In the surgery room, the surgeon will make the incisions necessary to remove the excess fat, tighten the sagging skin and make the forehead wrinkle-free
  • You could expect the Brow Lift procedure to complete in around 1-2 hours depending on the complications arising due to the surgery.
  • The surgeon will suggest you several prescriptions and recovery instructions to follow
  • Your forehead will heal completely within 6 months
  • The surgeon will recommend you visit the clinic at regular intervals for follow-ups after the surgery
  • Make sure to have realistic expectations with the surgery as the final outcome may vary significantly than you might have thought
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