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Do you have stubborn body fat that does not budge even with heavy exercising?

Well, a body lift procedure can help to get rid of excess fat and sagging skin. There are times when some fat deposits do not disintegrate even when you diet and exercise hard. A body lift surgery removes or minimizes these fat deposits and tightens your skin for a well-toned looking body. The need is to go for the best cosmetic surgeon in Surat to get the best treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Ashutosh Shah for Body Lift in Surat?

  • One of the best cosmetic surgeons in Surat with specialization in body lift.
  • Expertise in understanding the patient’s requirements and helps them to achieve their body goals.
  • Works on a customized treatment plan to remove the excess fat and skin.
  • Skilled at whole body lift, lower body lift and mid-body lift.
  • Certified by several national and international boards of plastic and cosmetic surgeons.

Cost of Body Lift in Surat

The body lift procedures start from a few thousand and can go up to 1,00,000 INR or more. Since the procedure depends totally on your expectations, the areas of body lift procedures will have a significant influence over the total price. If you are opting for body lift only in the lower body, then it will cost you less than total body lift.
You can visit our experienced cosmetic surgeon in Surat to seek recommendations on the best body lift procedure for you.

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When exercising and dieting stops working, body lift could help you get a toned and better-looking body! You can get rid of the flab to tighten the skin and get a toned body at our best surgeon’s clinic in Surat. No wonder, you can start wearing those body-fitting clothes and flaunt your gorgeous figure once you get the right treatment.

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