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Also called Genioplasty or Mentoplasty, Chin surgery is the process to augment or reduce the chin based on your facial features. The cosmetic surgeon can move the chin backward or forward and change its size by moving it up and above. Our expert cosmetic surgeon in Surat helps to achieve a beautiful chin structure that remains symmetrical with your face.

Why Choose Dr. Ashutosh Shah for Chin Surgery in Surat?

  • The top cosmetic surgeon in Surat has performed numerous chin augmentation and reduction surgeries.
  • Expert at Sliding Genioplasty that refers to correcting longer and protruding chins.
  • Specialized in working with chin implants to achieve the desired looks.
  • A skilled cosmetic surgeon from Surat who leaves barely visible scars that fade quickly over time.
  • A member of several national and international cosmetic surgery boards.

Cost of Chin Surgery in Surat

For chin surgeries, the type of recommended treatment will be the main deciding factor for the cost. If you want to increase the size of the chin, then the cosmetic surgeon will usually recommend using chin implants. If you want to reduce the chin size, then Genioplasty is the best choice. So, the overall cost of chin surgery depends on the customized surgery, the cosmetic surgeon in Surat and the additional medicines.

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Are you worried that your chin does not compliment the rest of your face? If yes, get the help of our cosmetic surgeon in Surat to fix the issue and change the appearance of your face.

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