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Your forehead and the eyelids are among the first places to show the signs of ageing. A brow lift surgery targets this very area of your face, i.e. sagging skin between the eyebrows and the upper eyelids. You can minimize the appearance of the wrinkles on the eyelids. which will automatically result in a rejuvenated appearance. Since it’s an intricate surgery, it is vital to consult the best cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana.

Why Choose Dr. Vikas Gawri for Brow Lift Surgery in Ludhiana?

  • One of the best cosmetic surgeons in Ludhiana having specialization in facial cosmetic procedures.
  • Ability to deliver amazing results by minimizing the signs of ageing near the brows.
  • Expert at combining the brow lift surgery with other facial treatments like facelift, fillers or botox.
  • One of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in Ludhiana, certified by the top national associations of cosmetic surgeons.

Cost of Brow Lift Surgery in Ludhiana

When compared to other cosmetic procedures, brow lift surgery is a simple yet intricate treatment. The cost of the brow lift surgery starts from around 30,000 INR and can go up to 60,000 INR. Apart from this main surgery cost, you should also consider the price for medicines and other necessities for a smooth recovery.
To get an estimate for brow lift surgery, you can always consult our cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana.

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Tired looking eyes with wrinkles can make you look older. Minimize the sagging skin, wrinkles on your eyelids, and let your eyes look bright, big and beautiful. The customized brow lift surgery performed by Ludhiana’s best surgeon would be suitable in this context.

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