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If you are bothered about your chubby cheeks, then buccal fat removal is the way to go. This surgery can reduce the size of your cheeks, thereby transforming them to thinner and better-contoured features. Buccal fat removal is an extensive surgery that requires attention to detail and specialized techniques. It is only possible by an expert cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana who knows the best treatment plan to deliver your expected results.

Why Choose Dr. Vikas Gawri for buccal fat removal in Ludhiana?

  • The most talented cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana to perform buccal fat removal with positive results.
  • Great attention to detail to ensure symmetry in both the cheeks while reducing its size.
  • Expert in performing buccal fat removal procedure with the ability to achieve no visible scarring from the incisions.
  • A member of several national and international cosmetic surgery boards and most acclaimed cosmetic surgeon for facial procedures.

Cost of Buccal Fat Removal in Ludhiana

The starting cost for buccal fat removal is 65,000 INR, which can increase depending on the location, cosmetic surgeon and the additional recovery costs. You can get a better estimate of the cost if you visit the cosmetic surgeon at the clinic in Ludhiana. After examining your condition, the surgeon will decide the course of treatment as well as the surgery costs.

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You do not need to bother any more if you have fat cheeks! Now, you can reduce your cheeks and have a thin facial contour with buccal fat removal performed by Ludhiana’s best cosmetic surgeon.

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