Botox Treatment – Setting you free from Wrinkles

Botulinum Toxin or Botox is a popular treatment to get rid of wrinkles of the upper facial portion. Surgeons also combine it with chemical peels, laser therapy or dermabrasion to negate the aging signs.


Working of a Botox Injection

Botox originates from Clostridium Botulinumbacteriafound in the soil, when preserved under controlled laboratory conditions.
Botulinum Toxin-Botox Treatment
Any expression that tempts your facial muscles to cause furrows between the forehead and the eyebrows results in wrinkles. Hence while you smile, show anger or glare, your brain transmits electrical signals to the facial muscles. Consequently, a synchronous muscle contraction occurs on your face.
Botox injection prevents the transmission of these electrical cues from the brain to muscles. This stops muscle contraction and sets you free from facial wrinkles.

Botox for Migraines

Botox injection can help the migraine patients alleviate the muscle pain. It actually prevents the chemicals to transmit the pain signals from the brain.

Botox for Sweating

Botox can also combat excess sweating by preventing the sweet glands to get instructions from the brain to sweat. Selective injection of Botox in the sweat glands location is important.

Botox for Spasms

Botox can also stop the chemicals that carry instructions from the brain to the neck or eye muscles. This way, it can relieve the patients from the eye and neck spasms.

Consultation for Botox

Approach only a trained plastic surgeon for Botox injections. He would be best equipped to deal with any complications arising with this otherwise non-invasive treatment.

Hazards of approaching an unqualified surgeon

If you fall prey to the false claims or cheap offers of unqualified doctors, you may end up facing headache, ptosis, facial weakness, drooping skin etc. In addition, you could also end up with asymmetrical corrections or bruising at the injected area.

Find a Cosmetic Surgeon in Your Area

Choosing the Right Botox Surgeon

As you already know, many spa and beauty clinics provide Botox treatments nowadays. But, the self proclaimed experts doing the treatment in these centers may not be authentic. Be aware that human face consists of 43 muscles and it is indispensable to find out the right muscle to administer Botox injection.
Hence, approaching an authorized and accredited plastic surgeon is the best move to avert any side effect of the Botox injections. Make sure to inquire about the person’s qualification, experience and Botox expertise. Testimonials of previous patients could also furnish considerable information about the surgeon you are about to approach.

Consultation with the surgeon

Once selected, you should be frank with your surgeon. Reveal your apprehensions and expectations about the surgery. Likewise, the surgeon will also examine your body to find out the need for Botox injections on your body. Depending on the analysis he will suggest the best treatment and will perform it with due safety to help you get wrinkle free skin. However, the result of this treatment shall last for only up to 3 months, after which you will have to go for follow up injections to restore the Botox results.

Preparing for Botox injection

• Tell your surgeon if you are on some other medication.
• Stop taking blood thinning medicines like ibuprofen or aspiring
• Avoid exposure to sun before and after the treatment.
• If you are pregnant or breast feeding, it is better to consult your surgeon before undergoing the Botox procedure.

Expectations during Botox injection

Botox Procedure
This procedure does not involve administering anesthesia. The surgeon starts the treatment by giving a few injections using a micro needle. You may feel tolerable pain or stinging reaction while getting injections. But, if the pain goes beyond control, then the surgeon may recommend using anesthetic cream or intravenous anesthesia. The entire procedure may take around 20 minutes to complete. The results will start becoming visible within 3 days.

Expectations after Botox injection

You can get back to your work immediately after undergoing the Botox treatment. Just make sure not to apply cosmetics on the treated area for the next one day. As you already know, the effects of Botox injection will remain only up to 3 months. So, you would need follow-up-injections to retain the effect.

The information is being provided by and have no intention to replace the medical advice of your doctor. Please consult your doctor directly for advice about a specific medical condition.

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